Healing Dogs, Horses and Humans,
One Massage at a Time!


At Infinite Therapeutic Massage Inc., we are all about healing dogs, horses and humans, one massage at a time. We have a heartfelt passion in providing the best therapeutic massage to dogs, horses and humans in order for each to enjoy an active and pain free lifestyle.


Massage has been used for therapeutic purposes – on both humans and animals – since the very dawn of time. Its beneficial use has been documented in our earliest cultures from the Egyptians to the Phoenicians to the Greeks to the Romans and on to the present time. It is noteworthy, that in the very first books on human and veterinary medicine, entire chapters would be devoted to the use, benefits and implementation of massage therapy. As a form of rehabilitation, massage therapy is the application of specific hand movements on patient to improve muscle and joint function by relieving tension, spasm, pain or other restrictions to proper motion. It may be used for warm-up purposes, for relaxing or stimulating muscles in order to prevent injury, for rehabilitation of a patient after and injury has occurred or for pain management. Massage is used to compensate for impaired circulation by augmenting the normal flow of blood and lymphatic fluid.